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Rhea ESG:

a  virtuous mechanism to encourage sustainability  

Rhea becomes promoter of an initiative for the vending sector


As part of its ESG commitment, Rhea, a company specialized in the production of machines and services for the vending sector, launched at Venditalia an impactful initiative to stimulate and support virtuous behaviours aimed at enhancing sustainability within the vending industry, providing those who join with a contribution to be allocated to financing their own sustainability policies. 

The machines eligible for this initiative are characterized by elements with a high level of sustainability, including the notable energy savings generated by the induction heating system (Rhea's proprietary patent), as well as the selection of materials and a flexible, modular design architecture for more effective maintenance of the components, increasing the potential life cycle of the machines and its recyclability.


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Each machine will be identified by the “rhea ESG” logo and a QR code, with the aim of raising awareness among end users regarding the features and goals of the initiative.

"This initiative was born with the goal of fostering cooperation among the companies in our field to improve the sustainability contribution of the vending sector as a whole", explains Andrea Pozzolini, CEO of Rhea.

Rhea's innovative approach aligns with the company's commitment to intervene across the entire value chain, from suppliers to end-users, to create a virtuous circle involving all stakeholders.
"Rhea ESG is one of the initiatives through which we seek to contribute to the attainment of the 2030 Agenda Goals, particularly Goal 12, which advocates for sustainable production and consumption models", Pozzolini concludes.


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